Illuminating Your World and Awakening the Beauty of Your Home



AQUALIGHT SYSTEMS is not a landscaping company that happens to do lighting; we are a team that is solely focused on awakening the beauty of our clients’ properties through our extensive lighting experience. Equipped with the highest quality products available, our highly skilled team of lighting professionals works side by side with our clients in order  to transform the properties they love into luminescent masterpieces!

Some of the techniques used in our landscape lighting approach include:

  • Up Lighting
  • Down Lighting
  • Tree Lighting (both downward and upward highlights)
  • Soft Silhouette Lighting
  • Atmosphere Lighting
  • Security Lighting

Our available fixture looks include:

  • Artistic Weathered Brass
  • Stunning Polished Copper
  • Fashionable Cast Iron
  • Clean Matte Black

We are proud to say that AQUALIGHT SYSTEMS has become a leader in landscape lighting and we will continue to influence the industry. With the best manufacturers backing our services and our commitment to customer satisfaction, we achieve perfection with every installation.

Don’t wait, contact us today to book your free property visit and design consultation. With our help, you can begin to awaken the beauty of your home and/or property!